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Calla lilies

Calla lilies

This classical, bell-shaped plant is not considered a true lily; it belongs to the genus Zantedeschia and Arum family. It is native to South Africa and is famous around the globe for its multitude of colors and cultural and historical significance. It’s a popular choice for weddings, romantic holidays and other events. For its distinctive representation and associated emotions, people love to incorporate it everywhere.

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Representation of calla lily

The name calla lily comes from a Greek word for beauty. There’s a lot more to its significance than just its incredible appearance. In 1900 during the Victorian period, it was said that the flowers are associated with different emotions and feelings. That indicates sending a bouquet to someone was just a way of conveying a specific message. There’s no need for words when flowers can say it all.

Calla lily symbolizes Holiness, loyalty, and virtue. They grow after the dread of winters so they have become the remainder of rebirth and youth.

Different colors of calla lily

Calla lilies are white, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, and black, each carrying a different meaning and symbolism.

  • White calla lily

With its elegant white petals and green lush leaves, this bloom is perfect to put in a vase. They symbolize purity and innocence.

  • Pink calla lily

The pink calla lily is associated with admiration and appreciation. Isn’t pink calla lily bouquet reasonable for weddings and birthdays?

  • Purple calla lily

The rich, intensely deep calla lily flower denotes passion and royalty.

  • Yellow calla lily

Yellow calla lily expresses gratitude.

  • Black calla lily

With its dramatic appearance, it holds with it a certain refinement and mystery.

Bloom time and how to care

Though Calla lilies grow in spring through summer, depending upon the variety, you will see them blooming in the gardens in June and July mainly. Furthermore, it is a wonderful indoor plant but an outdoor plant by nature.

Pair other flowers with calla lilies

Do you want a subdued look for your bouquet? A calla lily bouquet with multiple roses would be a luminous choice overall. A calla lily bouquet with blush tulips is another stylish choice and can grab anyone’s attention when placed as a centerpiece. Lavender and cosmos are some other decent flowers that will look all appealing when combined with calla lilies.

Best ways to incorporate calla lilies

Want to brighten up the place? Calla lilies are the right option. Spot the classic white calla flowers at weddings for marital bliss and true devotion. From birthdays to anniversaries especially the 6th one, the exquisite calla lilies is sure the nicest choice.

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