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Easter Celebration Ideas during Lockdown

Easter Celebration Ideas during Lockdown

This year Easter will be different than the usual years due to the current wave of COVID-19. However, this does not mean that you can’t celebrate this year’s Easter with full zeal and enthusiasm. Yes, you have read that right. Are you looking for some great Easter celebration ideas during Lockdown? Then, you are on the very right platform. This article will throw light on 5 great Easter celebration ideas which you shouldn’t ignore in 2021 during the lockdown. So, let’s explore them out.

  • Arrange small-scale games on this Easter and enjoy with your family at home.

Easter is a time of great celebration. So, why not to enjoy few games with your family especially with kids at home? Arrange games like egg and spoon race, egg race, Easter egg bowls, Easter egg basketball and the like. Your family will definitely like this activity and everyone will feel refreshed after playing these games.

  • Plan a virtual lunch or dinner party with your friends.

Are you missing your friends on this Easter and want to hang out with them along with maintaining social distancing? Then, there is nothing to worry about because there is a long list of virtual hang out ideas. Oh Yes, you have got that right. Plan a virtual lunch or dinner party with your friends via online channels, for instance, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams or the like. Have fun with your friends and also send them flowers and gifts on this Easter. Hire an online delivery service to do this task for you.

  • Present flowers and gifts to your family members and have a treat alongside.

Surprise your loved ones on this Easter with beautiful gifts and flowers. You can even look for low-budget gifts to cherish them up. For instance, a rabbit mug, mini bunny sugar cookies, floral rabbit silk tie, pastel bunny soaps, Easter breakfast board, et cetera. Presenting gifts to your loved ones is vital for showing concern and expressing love to them. So, why not to order some great gifts for your family during this lockdown?

Also arrange a special treat for your family on this Easter. You can home-bake delicious colored cupcakes or an Easter cake to surprise them up. Also, bake pizza and cookies to add more to this special day.

  • Organize an Easter egg hunt to celebrate Easter.

Do you want to enjoy this Easter with an egg hunt? Then, you can even arrange at home during the lockdown. Be creative in hiding the eggs so that your family can take some time in sorting out them. For kids, you can also consider a treasure map to cherish them up.

  • Host a quiz night to entertain your family.

Get your family together and host a quiz night for their entertainment. Choose the question categories as per their interests and also present gifts to the winner at the end. This small entertainment will leave a significant impact onto them and they will feel special.

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