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The Chrysanthemum flower of November is also known as mums. It blooms bringing extra joy and optimism in the dead of fall. When you rarely find a vibrant flower to pleasure your soul this chrysanthemum blooms to circulate affection. Grown for its glorious bloom in a wide range of colors, this modest autumn flower has a huge number of devotees.

Moreover, Its center of multiplicity lies in China where it blooms in endless horticulture varieties. They are a genus of 40 species native to East Asia, used as ornamentals for their mesmeric beauty and an important part of the floral business.


Stretch back to 3500 years when it was grown in China and still holds a special position in their country. It is the city flower of Beijing and Kaifeng. Another interesting thing is that Kaifeng people have been organizing a chrysanthemum festival since 1994 and it is the largest event held yearly between 18 October to 18 November.


Ahead are the few kinds of chrysanthemums that are most popular and adored by people around the globe.

Single bloom:

These lovely flowers resemble daisies embroidered with white petals and yellow centers. Chrysanthemum has a bushy-like quality. So single bloom generally grow to a height of 2- 3 feet however a few of them do not even reach the foot. A semi-double type of mum very similar to single bloom is pretty attractive with a unique fragrance.

Spider blooms:

These chrysanthemums have a spider look with long thin petals. The petals often go off in different directions giving a sophisticated and lacy look.


This unique flower with vibrant color will steal your heart. It’s globe-shaped head and short clustered petals hide its disk. It starts to grow as flat but ends up in a relatively round shape. They are perfect to use in sprays but you can combine them with different other flowers in the form of a bouquet to present to your loved ones. They would for sure appreciate and adore your choice.


Associated with the dead, you might see this flower at funerals. China, Japan, Korea of East Asia are countries where chrysanthemum is the sign of lamentation, hardships. but no way in other countries you will find it as a symbol of honesty and goodness. In some parts of Asia, people love to present chrysanthemums as gifts on birthdays and bridal or baby showers. Meanwhile, in Europe, it occurs as an expression of sympathy. United states people will grow it as for them it signifies positivity and pleasure.


We don’t have to tell how colors exhibit a meaning. If you analyze a lot is going on. A variety of flowers with wonderful colors signify a meaning, a message. If you receive or present a red chrysanthemum bouquet it shows love. A yellow one expresses sorrow and grieve. However, our very beloved white chrysanthemum has always a message of patriotism and devoted love.

This November why not show some love and affection with a beautiful chrysanthemum bouquet designed by our professional florists. You can go for bright red and purple splashy chrysanthemums concocted in a small aesthetically pleasing basket or a rough bouquet to express your devotion and admiration for the ones in your life.

We strive to bring a smile to our customer’s faces. We offer flower bouquets, cakes, and personalized gifts you can present to your friends. Our timely delivery will surely make your day perfect.

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