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Flower of The Month – January

Flower of The Month – January

From starting, people used to express themselves through the language of flowers and it is still in practice even after the invention of a lot of easy communication mediators. The expression through flowers will never get out of fashion or trend as everyone loves flowers. Every flower has its meaning which is believed by the majority. However, each month also has is a special flower which is known as the flower of the month or birth flower. Carnations and Snowdrop both are considered as the flower of the month of January. Continue reading to know more about these beautiful flowers.


Also known as Clove Pink.

Meaning – Love and Appreciation.

In appearance, it is quite similar to roses. Reactionary, it is widely used as the flower of mother’s day to present love and affection. It comes in a lot of colors which makes it demanding because it gives life to a simple bouquet. Each color of carnation has a different meaning. For example, light red refers to appreciation and deep red refers to love and affection.  Carnations in pink color also refer to love it is known as the symbol of the mother’s love which is why on mother’s day the flower is on demand. White colored Carnations refers to respect, innocence, and purity.


It requires at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight for the natural growth rate. Initially, avoid over-watering because the plant is delicate and needs proper care for healthy growth. You can observe visible changes if the plant is being over-watered such as petal starts to turn yellow. Make sure watering the plant is done thrice a week according to the need of the plant (the water requirement depends upon both the size of the plant and the pot). The best part about growing Carnations is that they do not get affected by pests so you do not have to worry about this. In short, you just need to take care of the initial days of growth only. Later on, only check and balance would be enough.


Meaning – Hope.

It is considered as the symbol of bad luck because it usually grows at graveyards. In some areas, this stereotype is not being believed. However, the flower looks pretty elegant because of its appearance. In appearance, it is like a U-shaped bell-like flower with six delicate petals.


The flower does not require moist soil if the atmosphere is cool. However, in warmer areas, moisture would be required. To grow Snowdrops, make sure the soil or the container does not have any drainage issues otherwise it will ruin the plant. The snowdrops grow healthy if they receive medium sunlight or you can say that they should be placed in a shaded area. In most cases, the flowers start to grow in just a week or two weeks. Make sure to keep your children away from Snowdrop. The most important fact about Snowdrop flowers is that can work as some sort of poison or may affect you in such an irritating way. This includes the sign of vomiting, heart, and blood pressure rate abnormalities, diarrhea, etc.

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