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How to Decorate Your Room for His Surprise Birthday

How to Decorate Your Room for His Surprise Birthday

Decorating your room, in general, is a lot of fun but decorating for someone’s surprise birthday has a different kind of thrill! There are many different ways to make him feel special on his birthday, and you have probably done almost everything. So why not plan him the best party yet?! From the balloons to his personalised cake, we are here to help you out!

Choose a Theme

Start simple and choose a theme that will help you with your decorations. Keep the cake, the gifts and the number of people you’re planning to invite in mind while choosing a theme. Think of what colour he likes the most, or what kind of shows or movies he enjoys, and plan accordingly! For example, if he’s into mysteries, you could decorate the entire room according to his favourite mystery movies, or if you want to spice it up, you could get an unsolved case file game and enjoy it with your friends! Similarly, if he loves the colour black or blue get all the decorations according to that colour! If you plan on making the party fancy, another idea would be to tell your friends to come dressed up according to that theme!


Decorate your room with flowers, balloons, streamers, confetti and a big banner to wish him a happy birthday! A popular choice for birthday flowers is lilies, as they represent happiness and positivity. ! A lot of flower delivery services offer the same day delivery option, and they also have tons of flowers you can buy! Get helium balloons for his age and hang it like a banner and using double-sided tape stick some balloons all around the room! Put confetti all around the cake to make the room look even better! Get helium balloons for his age and hang it like a banner and stick some balloons around the room with a double-sided tape! Put the confetti around the cake to make the room look even better! Don’t forget to set up a table for all the gifts he will get!


The choice of food will depend on the theme you have chosen. If you’re throwing a casual party, make sure you’ve got snacks out throughout the party like chips, dips, cookies, cupcakes and more. If you’re having a rather fancy party, include snacks like smoked salmon, cheese balls, cake pops, pastries and more! Make the cake the centrepiece of all the snacks and go huge! A lot of bakeries deliver cakes online, so go for that option as you will already have a lot on your mind.

Bonus: If you want to go extreme set up a mini photo booth and take tons of pictures to enjoy for the upcoming birthdays!

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