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Flowers, for all the right reasons, have attached to them the touches of soft sentiments, captivating radiance, vibrant colors as well as alluring scents. They not only inculcate in human lives freshness, but they also lighten moods and brighten lives.

Ever since the beginning of time, flowers are considered a prime mode of communication; add to this the process of evolution and flowers withstanding the test of time worth centuries, the usage of flowers in terms of exchange to fill non-verbal gaps has taken over as a tradition. This tradition has now spread across the globe, nationally and internationally. The exchange of flowers, as a tradition, has now been woven into the very fabric of Pakistani society. As modes of communication evolve, the exchange of flowers has now become a means of bringing together cultures, societal factions, and ethnicities; in hindsight, bridging gaps and filling voids that are otherwise not necessarily easy to fill.

With globalization as its peak and the world’s borders becoming porous, and all the technological advancements coupled with globalization has made it easier for local businesses to shift online. For instance, people back in the day had to physically purchase flowers by taking a walk, cycling or driving to pick them up. But now, the advent of internet and social media has made this entire process more personal, more time and cost effective (as online shopping eliminates commuting costs as well as the time it consumes), and more environment-friendly.

Another bonus that comes along with the advent of online florist services is the availability (for shipping) of customizable goods (flower baskets, corsages, vases, etc.) as well as that of edibles (chocolate/candy baskets, cakes, etc.) to be paired with the flowers and shipped to loved ones with ease. These parcels, extending to flowers (of the customer’s choice) as well as the presents on the side are, once ordered, delivered in record time at the doorstep of the person being sent the goods.

This has not only made lives easier for the friends and family that live abroad and are unable to join their loved ones in celebrations like Eid, for instance, but it has also made it equally easy for the friends and family living in other cities and the distance isn’t easy to cover.

For instance, a daughter living in Islamabad can surprise her mother on mothers’ day by sending flowers to Karachi or vice versa. Significant others can virtually be there with their partners on, for instance, Valentines’ day by shipping flowers from Lahore to Rawalpindi.

To sum it all up, people around the world are genuinely fond of flowers as flowers tend to bridge non-verbal gaps, flowers help fill voids left behind by long distances as flowers bring people together, virtually. This coupled with the advent of the online flower industry, the entire flower exchanging process has been made easier manifolds; be it sending flowers from Karachi to Lahore or Lahore to Islamabad, or for that matter, sending flowers and goods from the United Kingdom to Islamabad, the online flower industry caters to all these needs amicably.

Happy shopping, people!

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