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Small wedding decor ideas in covid times

Small wedding decor ideas in covid times

Do you want a small scale wedding? Then eloping would have crossed your mind, but that is not the only way. Shrinking the event down to minimal, intimate size is undoubtedly not a problem these days due to covid-19. This allows you to spend your money on details. There are details to add, decoration to incorporate in, and planning different changes with a larger proportion of your budget to work with.

Choosing the perfect decor for your wedding could run you down. Nonetheless, our floral team can truly make your wedding decor look sensational. Do you want a set that enhances your venue and carries out your wedding theme? But with multiple decoration suggestions, it can be hard to narrow down the best. Due to this fact, We are here to help you with small wedding decor ideas to consider for your big day.

1) Handwritten invitations:

Before you start working on sending invitations, Handwritten invitations are what people have loved lately. When you are arranging a small wedding, it’s much easier to write the invitations with stunning hand-lettering. This indeed depicts your love and affection for the guest. You can send a small gift box with a handwritten invitation card for a personalized touch to put together for a limited guest list. We offer customized gifts; you can get them made from our website.

2) Be thoughtful with lighting decor:

Go all-in with the details and give an imaginative aura with string lights and weave lights. If you are planning an indoor wedding, then hanging string lights from the ceiling would work. However, if it is an outdoor event, consider weave lights. Pair string lights or weave lights with neon signs or other colorful lights for decor.

Lighting is the essential decor item that adds an accent to your venue.

3) Paper lanterns:

Hang paper lanterns throughout the space for a magical look. You are gathering limited guests, so paper lanterns hanging on the branches and top of the dining table would cast a soft glow. With a mesmerizing plan, you can make your place feel like a scene from a movie.

4)Use cake as art:

Make the dessert of your dream as a decoration piece. You can turn your wedding day cake into art with thoughtful decor and design. If you are searching for cakes, please make sure to visit our website. We deal with cakes, gifts, and customized floral arrangements.

5)Hang flowers:

If you plan a small wedding with an unusual venue, then it’s time to work creatively with the ceremony decor overall. How about you add a touch of flowers to your dining area. Reduce the fancy arrangements hanging from the ceiling above the setting area, instead go for flower hangings. It would add a dimension to the site. Moreover, it’s an extraordinary way to transform the venue and comfort the guests.


How about you serve small interactive desserts to the guests. You can create a dessert corner that also acts as a piece of wedding scenery. Everyone looks forward to confections, so why not attract the guests with a marshmallow and chocolate fountain or maybe with some fudge muffins on a table.

We offer personalized cakes, flower bouquets, and personalized gifts for our customers. Our quick delivery at midnight and early morning will surely make your day.

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