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Sunflowers are tall plants of the daisy family that are basically originated in North America. Though, the flower is quite famous among the masses and is basically used to symbolize good luck, long life, and faithfulness. But, the flower has great many other uses. This article will throw light on the uses or benefits of Sunflower which you shouldn’t ignore and instead make full use of the flower. Here are listed 7 uses of the flower; so, let’s check them out in bit detail.

1. Sunflower is used to make vegetable oil which is really good for your health.

The Native Americans recognized that the oil obtained from the sunflower is really good for health. Today, this oil is quite famous among several parts of the world where people are fond of purchasing it as vegetable cooking oil. It is low in saturated fat; that is why, this oil is quite healthy. The sunflower cooking oil can be used to bake cookies or cakes and it can also be used as a good substitute for margarine or butter. You can also use it for different salad dressings or for roasting vegetables and meat.

2. Sunflower seeds can be utilized for a healthy treat or as a snack.

The seeds of Sunflower can be used as a nice snack which is nutritious and healthy at the same time. So, why not to eat a healthy snack right away? Roast the Sunflower seeds and sprinkle them into your salads. They will give you a crunchy flavor and you will really enjoy every bit of it.

3. It acts as a great seed to attract more birds into your yard.

Do you want to attract more birds into your yard, right? Then, use Sunflower seeds and offer a nutritious diet to the birds. The Sunflower seeds are quite easy to swallow and the birds will definitely enjoy its flavor. So, why not to gather great variety of birds into your yard and have a nice view?

4. Sunflowers can also be used to make natural dyes.

Yes, you have read that right. The Sunflowers are also used to make natural dyes which can be of different variety, ranging from yellow to light tan. These dyes are used to color yarns and fabrics and give a ravishing look to them.

5. It can be used as a feed for livestock.

The Sunflower seeds are used as a feed for livestock. The head of the plant is rich in protein and gives great energy to the animals. So, why not to offer Sunflower plant to your animals and take them into the Sunflower fields?

6. Sunflower stems can be used to make paper.

Another significant use of the Sunflower is in paper making. The stem of the flower has fiber which can easily be used to make paper. In the ancient times people used to make paper for their productive work and made full use of the flower. So, why not to utilize this great idea right away just for a change?

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