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The birth flower of the month

The birth flower of the month

Flowers symbolize a message with their fragrance and beauty. There are certain emotions, feelings, and thoughts that people love to convey through flowers. Every flower has specified meanings. People around the horizon still consider flowers as a long-established language.

When choosing a gift for someone for their birthday, you mostly pick a random flower and don’t realize the actual meaning behind it. Knowing all the birth flower meanings can help you choose the perfect one for the recipient.

Ahead, we have a complete guide for you on the birth month of February, which you might think is a red rose because of Valentine’s day. Fortunately, it’s not. Glue yourself to the article for some interesting information about the flower of February

The birth flowers of February are primrose and violet.

The violet:

The violet is also known as the viola, is a genus of spring-flowering plants. This flower is native to the northern hemisphere and can be found in Hawaii, Australasia, and other South American parts.

Violets generally have heart-shaped leaves and inverted flowers. Violets’ color may vary, some of them are blue, yellow, or white, and you can find some of the violets bicolored, often blue and yellow.

Appearing in early spring, violets are known for their eternal beauty. For their energetic colors, they attract bees, butterflies, and this. When placed in a particular space, they make the area look lovely and convey a symbolic meaning.

Violets give off a lot of meanings but most commonly love and affection. They symbolize honesty, insurance, remembrance, innocence.

You might see Christians giving violets as they see it as a symbol of Jesus and for someone who struggled to live the balance between heaven and earth. For the Victorians, violets are an excellent symbol of prosperity and humanity.

It is more reasonable to send someone violets on their birthday in February as a symbol of love. However, you can send these flowers for any romantic occasion or religious events.


Primrose comes from the Latin word ‘primus,’ which means ‘first’ we know that primrose is the first flower that blooms in early spring, so it ultimately makes sense. Primrose represents longevity, youthfulness, and young love. These flowers are often used as a symbolic representation of feminism. Moreover, people give a bouquet of primrose to someone whom they think they can’t live without.

Different type of primrose:

 White primrose: usually to express your grief and sorrow.

 Red primrose: just like any other red flower, red primrose represents enthusiasm and passion.

Primrose stands with multiple cultural connotations and some superstitions too. English people still believe that if you bring primrose to their rose, primroses should be grouped in the form of 13; otherwise, more or less would lead to bad luck. Moreover, primrose has some medical benefits to help cure cough, migraine, and many others. These flowers look like a hanging bundle of keys; hence English called them ‘key flowers.’

This incredible bloom should be paired with violets and given on birthdays especially. Show the person close to your heart how much you love them on their birthday with a primrose bouquet.

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