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The birth flower of the month April

The birth flower of the month April

April is the month when spring is at its fullest. This month is devoted to the goddess of beauty and love. It makes sense clearly why daisy and sweet pea are the birth flowers of April. Want to bring the spirit of the spring season to your loved ones? Send them a bouquet of daisies or sweet peas.

1)Daisy flower

Daisy flower is native to the Aster family. This cheerful flower is cultivated in any continent except for Antarctica. In the United Kingdom, to bring light and life to the scenery, Daisy flowers are grown.

Daisy is a two-in-one kind of bloom. The inner section is called the floral disc and is usually yellow and the outer section is the attractive ray flower. These two sections blend so well and precisely, that they symbolize true love.


Daisies generally represent purity and innocence. With their elegant white petals and bright yellow center, the daisies are known for their refinement as well as for meaning.

Daisy flower exemplifies good night’s sleep as it closes at night and opens at the day.


The most commonly known types of daisies may include:

  • English daisies

English daisies are the pure representation of innocence. These daisies are the most recognized species in England. Pair them with primroses if you want to give something to your mother. This wonderful combination will convey a message of true love a mother feels for her child.

  • Gerbera daisies

These are the second most popular among British people and are widely cultivated around the world. Moreover, they have planted a way to represent the rainbow colors. Do you want to bring cheerfulness to someone’s life? Gift them a bouquet of Gerbera daisies.

2)Sweet pea flower

Sweet pea is the annual plant of the pea family( Fabaceae), widely cultivated for its enchanting fragrance and ability to produce so many blooms over a long period of cutting.


Sweet pea flower represents happiness and pleasure due to its lush blossoms. This flower is mainly associated with greetings and goodbyes. You can also convey a message of thank-you through sweet pea flowers.


The most common type of sweet pea may include:

  • Air warden

Air warden is going to catch everyone attention with its dark red petals and its sharp stems and

Gorgeous fragrance adds beauty and charm. Give Air wardens to someone who loves to put flowers in vases and containers. This is a perfect gift that keeps giving.

  • America

This is another type with raspberry red petals with white streaks. It has a unique fruity smell and its extended airy stems perfectly complement the gorgeous blooms. Is someone’s birthday around the corner and they love pink or red color? Get them a flawlessly packed American flower bouquet paired with a thoughtful note.

Whether it is a birthday or a springtime party, you are good to go with a daisy or sweet pea bouquet. You can pair it with a personalized gift or a cake if you want to. We are sure it will bring endless joy and pleasure to the recipient’s life.

We are always here to serve you fresh flowers, cakes, and personalized gifts. Our team strives to make customers’ experience a pleevery timerytime.

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