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Here’s what the knot editors say when they analyze the trends people have been following since December 19 or January 20. Keeping the event intimate and non-traditional small gathering people have come up with some unique trends that are simple yet perfect to manage. From designing the wedding cakes to the bride and groom dress styles to wedding decor we will help you go through all the latest trends on the horizon.

If you want to put together trends in your wedding whilst keeping the guest list to a minimum you are on the right site. Our professionals have huddled progress with the wedding trends through 2020 so far.


Public health concern has surely affected wedding events all around the world. Expected limitations to large gatherings offered the bride and groom a chance to host a minimal party with close friends and family but in no way do these restrictions have threshold their pleasure, style, and dignity. This shift to micro weddings enables more control over the entire event aesthetics, photoshoots, and dress coordination of guests.


Invitation to the colleagues and friends was rather given by sending cards to their home address. Which was quite an expense and time taking work. Thanks to covid-19 people are going for paperless invites. What an amazing way to invite following the restrictions. You can appoint any graphic designer and can ask him/her to make the card according to what pleases your aesthetics.


Bringing the color palette couples have been using to add life to the venue and to give it a cohesive look. Props, quirky decor, signage, unconventional lighting with more like an asymmetrical or round ceremony structure keeping the visual of wedding nontraditional is the new common.

Moreover, An ingredient that people have started adding to their decor is dried flowers. Event designers are seen integrating dried flowers with fresh flowers which gave a new dimension to the decor. You can check out our website for flourish who can manage your decoration.


People have started practicing wedding events mainly at homes, their lawns, lakesides. Which is relatively a great choice. Furthermore, the professionals are preferring interactive food on the dining table with a return of formality to make guests feel catered rather than ‘serve yourself’ mind.


Couples are embracing formal wear instead of the traditional fancy wears which seems more fun and comfortable for the couple. However,  the dresses of the guests should pertain to the wedding color palette and aesthetics so the guests are asked to wear coordinated formal dresses.


Professional wedding planners suggest adding details and spontaneity to the event by incorporating couples’ personalities. You surely can get time to figure out what you want in your food list, photoshoot, some smaller details to your dresses, and presentation of the event. The bride and groom can add a personalized cake according to the theme, it would look incredibly delicious.

Couples are loving this trend of presenting sentimental gifts to honor their friends rather than organizing wedding parties.


Understand your budget and try not to go for expensive planning that would break your bank. The biggest causes of stress that couples see are financial issues. Whatever destination and plans you consider make sure that you have a comprehensive budget so there are no problems and surprises for you later on.

Our customers are our priority. We strive to bring a smile to our customer’s faces. Please check out our website for personalized cakes, flower bouquets, and personalized gifts for your wedding.

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