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We wonder if flowers grow even in the dead of winter. Yes, some beautiful flowers bloom to pleasure the souls. After the beauty of fall flowers fade, people think they might have to wait for the spring to enjoy the pleasant weather with flowers delighting the souls. However, Annual flowers, perennial flowers, and shrubs show up in the midst of winters in various colors.

Additionally, some flowering plants do bloom all winter long, giving a pleasant feeling and gleam to the winter landscape.

People who love to grow plants and flowers to make their lawns and gardens look green and energetic try to maintain the look for the whole year. But they don’t come across suitable winter plants for their lawns.  For this particular reason, we are here to help you out in finding reasonable winter plants for your area that you can grow on your lawn.

Another thing to note is that few winter flowers need to be sowed before the things start to cool down, so with an ahead plan, they will grow beautifully in winters.

Onwards, we are listing down a few flowery plants from pigmented flowers to white roses, you can grow on your lawn in winters. Let’s appreciate the fascinating beauty of flowers.


Your snowy yard can look wonderful even in the coolest weather with daffodils. Daffodils generally symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. Their appearance proclaims that spring is finally here. however, it depends on what is your location, they will start to grow in February. You don’t have to worry about these flowers because they can easily survive winter frost without harm to their foliage and leaves.


One of the favorite shrubs of people is winter jasmine. This pretty bright yellow flower grows on arching branches in late winters. It doesn’t have an aroma like other flowers but it does deliver a vibrant splash of sunshine.


What an evergreen plant with oodles of tiny pink flowers, heath blooms for weeks and weeks, typically from January and March. It might even grow under the snow. These tiny bushes add a splash of colors to your lawn.


This unique flowering plant is also known as Christmas rose. It starts to bloom in December around Christmas. It has a white bowl-shaped similar to that of a wild rose. They are a bit tricky to handle. They seem delicate, but they are hard and so they need moderate sunlight and water. When it comes to planting them, you can plant them by a window or outside the door so that they can be enjoyed to the fullest.


Hazel are flowering plants, grown for their clusters of yellow to orange-red flowers which start to bloom in autumn and continue throughout the winter. Even in the coldest weather, these wispy looking flowers rise with a vibrant look.


Snowdrop symbolizes sympathy and solace. Their white color gives them purity and innocence. They grow at the very end of winters. These tiny, fresh white flowers and green flowers give a dramatic look when bloomed in masses.


These giant eye-catching flowers are available in a variety of colors including violet, pink and white. They grow in late winters and early springs. Which means they exemplify hope.


This indoor plant is reliable and very easy to handle. Cyclamen are aromatic flowers bloom on long stems that spread up above the foliage. They dry down in spring but if they get proper nourishment and care they regrow and rebloom.


Winters bring along many gorgeous fragrant flowers during the chilly winters. One of them is a sunflower known for its yellow joyous pigmented petals that depict the rays of the sun. Sunflowers symbolize affection and warmth. Moreover, these lovely flowers are widely grown on lawns by people in winters.

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