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Winter Flowers that Bloom Beautifully in Cold Weather

Winter Flowers that Bloom Beautifully in Cold Weather

After the fall season; many flowers lose their beauty and people might think they have to wait till spring to enjoy outdoor and indoor flowers again. But this is not true. Many annual flowers, flowering plants or shrubs, and perennial flowers bloom amid the cold season. They bloom in a variety of colors and add great beauty to the winter landscape. We have compiled a list of 7 winter flowers that bloom beautifully in the cold weather and will be a lovely addition to your garden. So, let’s begin with their details.

  • Crocus:

Though Crocus looks dainty, it can easily withstand extreme temperatures. It is good to plant them before snow happens or the ground freezes. This flower is composed of 6 petals and is usually white, yellow, lilac, or mauve. It is a single cup-shaped flower that represents joy, innocence, new beginnings, and is a perfect flower to be grown in spring or fall depending upon the specific type.

  • Christmas Rose:

Best served for borders and patios; this flower can offer a warm welcome to your guest and make them feel special. It is one of the fantastic flowers that bloom in the winter season and is known for its purity. It is a dark rose; however, it does not belong to the family of roses.

  • Snowdrop:

Snowdrops are planted in the late fall and are perfect winter flowers that can bloom afterward. Known for their softness, and white petaled flower droops; snowdrops are best to grow in clusters because of their appearance.

  • Holly Bush:

Holly Bush is a hardy plant that can resist harsh temperatures. Though it blooms in spring to early summers; it is an evergreen plant that does not lose its leaves during the winter season. Discover attractive hollies to add beauty and attraction to your winter garden.

  • Camellia:

Camellia is known as the “queen of winter flowers”. It is a ravishing flower that has a sophisticated layering of petals and readily catches peoples’ attention. Found mostly in pink and red shades; it is a perfect flower to consider in the winter season especially if you like to maintain flowers and care for them.

  • Pansy:

Winter pansies are perennial flowers that will surely enchant you. It will give a fresh look to your winter garden and is a perfect flower to welcome your holiday guests. Pansies when paired with violets in tight clusters deceive others as if spring has come three months early. Why not grow these flowers in your garden to brighten your surroundings?

  • Jasmine:

Known for its warmness and welcoming nature; jasmine is a nice entryway winter plant that mesmerizes others. It blooms in early winter, which is the time between December and January. Winter Jasmine is easy to maintain and can withstand cold temperatures.

Final Thoughts:

Flowers bring happiness, especially on sad faces. In winters, people are more prone to seasonal depression and flowers can be a great source of joy for them. So, never lose an opportunity to grow winter flowers in your garden to elevate your loved one's mood.

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