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Birth flower for the month of March

Birth flower for the month of March

Flowers are known as a substitute for words and emotions enhancing the message of the giver with their aroma and charm. While there are so many ways to communicate people still choose to convey their sentiments through flowers today.

The official birth flower of March is daffodil. If you know someone around you is celebrating their birthday, anniversary in a march, you can never go wrong with these beautiful daffodil flowers as a gift.

Our florists make the best flower bouquet arrangements that are sure to leave your friend in awe. Please reach out to us if you really want to make someone’s day meaningful.


Daffodils are one of the few flowers that bloom in the early springs. These trumpet-like flowers with radiant yellow petals convey a hope that the warmer and brighter days are just about to come.

Daffodil represents unparalleled affection, hope, modesty, respect chivalry, and delivers a message that if our loved ones are around till then the sun is shining. Although daffodils are known for their yellow and white color, you may find a slight touch of pink, orange apricot lime green, or any other color with white and yellow.

Daffodil flowers have got quite a few names like jonquil, daffadowndilly, Narcissus in Latin. This name is somehow related to Greek mythology. In England, you might see people calling it lent lilies or lenten lilies. Besides, they play an important part in the history and culture of countries around the globe. It reblooms year after year, therefore, people of whales call daffodils their national flower. Chinese see daffodils as a symbol of good luck and prosperity because this flower blooms near their new year celebrations.

Types of daffodil flower:

There are so many different types of daffodils to choose from and delight in. With a wide range available, choose which one you prefer to present to your friend or any loved one this spring as a gift.

The types are listed below:

  • Small cupped, large cupped, and long cupped daffodils.
  • Double, triandrus and Cyclamineus Daffodil
  • Jonquilla, Tazetta, and Poeticus Daffodils

Gift guide:

  • Daffodils for the wedding

Don’t you think there is something common in daffodils and a wedding? Yes, a new beginning. Since daffodils symbolize a new beginning and rebirth. This is the perfect flower to present to your newlywed friend when you visit their house or even on their wedding day. Make sure you get it nicely arranged by the florist otherwise a single daffodil may bring a stroke of bad fortune.

  • Daffodils for gardening

Bring your garden to life with vibrant and extremely versatile daffodils. Wouldn’t you love an abundance of cheerful blooms spread across your lawn in the spring season? They are surprisingly simple to grow and can last for years with even limited care.

  • Daffodil bouquet for birthdays and anniversaries

With such diversity, daffodil flowers are flexible enough to be given as birthday and anniversary gifts. The colorful daffodil flowers surely bring delight to anyone, especially on such occasions. Let your loved ones know you care about them with a daffodil bouquet. Get it nicely packet, ask your florist to add a touch of red flowers for the anniversary and pink, white for birthdays. Attach a nice handwritten note to the bouquet.

  • Congratulate a person with daffodils

Additionally, you can take daffodil flowers to someone’s house if you want to congratulate them on their achievement like job promotions, the birth of a baby, or buying a new house.

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