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Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers

There is an intimate relation between flowers and seasons. Although many of them are bound to different specific seasons, some flowers are not affected by them at all. Autumn is usually a sign of loneliness and sadness, whereas spring is celebrated as the season of flowers, but Pakistan is a country where autumn is as beautiful as spring.  Autumn is known for the harvesting of crops, leaves changing color, and climate getting colder. It is also given the name ”fall”.  Fall in Pakistan brings with it many beautiful and aromatic flowers that are in full bloom in the autumn months, which last from September to November.


One of the most popular fall garden flowers is the Chrysanthemums, which are also known as mums. They bloom from late summer through fall and have numerous varieties such as intermediate, incurved, reflex, sprays, anemone, pompons, Korean hybrid, single-flowered, quill flowered, decorative, spoon, etc. Mums require rich soil, full sun, and air.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

A fragrant variety of clematis that grows from September to October is the Sweet Autumn Clematis (Clematis paniculata, Clematis terniflora). It looks gorgeous with its small and abundant white flowers and green leaves. Fuzzy seeds also appear on the flowers which are quite attractive as well.


Dahlias grow from midsummer through autumn, this is a time when many flowers are past their blooming period. They come in a variety of colors and, and so, it is difficult to choose between them. Their size can range from a 2-inch flower to a giant 15-inch bloom

Anemone flowers

Anemone flowers have a fall-blooming as well. They look very simple, just like a daisy. Their variety of colors ranges from white, ivory, red, and more. They have low-clumping foliage that is often referred to as windflowers. Anemone can be paired with Dahlias and Roses. The right combination of colors can form a perfect bouquet, which can be used as a gift at a wedding or for any other occasion.


With their bright colors, unique shape, and enchanting smell, orchids tell us a lot about their simple elegance. Their bloom blesses us for a couple of weeks, and even after the bloom fades, they continue growing indoors. If they’re kept in the right environment, more orchids can grow on the same stem and keep brightening up the room for weeks. Orchids are classic flowers and a perfect choice for a casual gift to someone special.

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