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Iris Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Iris Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The Iris flower is often associated with royalty. This explains why it is a quintessential part of every anniversary gift. As opposed to other kinds of flowers, the Iris flower blooms in multiple colours ranging from brown to white and even red! While most people get the Iris flower for their significant other to signify royalty, there are plenty of other symbolism and meanings associated with the unique flower.


Iris Flower Meaning

A brief look at Greek mythology shows that Iris flowers were named after Iris, who was the goddess of rainbows. She was said to be the messenger of the Gods. Iris was considered to be the goddess of rainbows because she had the power to bridge the gap between the earth and heaven by using rainbows. Rainbows were considered to be the flowing veil of Iris.
To honour the goddess, and to bring good fortune to the earth, the flowers, a
continuation of the goddess’s veil, were named Iris as well.

What Does the Iris Flower Symbolise?

Commonly, Iris flowers are known to symbolise royalty and valour.
However, this may vary from culture to culture, as well as the type of Iris being
Some people also view the Iris as a symbol of faith. This is the reason why you may see the Iris flower being used in most religious settings. It is used to show optimism. In many cultures, Iris flowers are often placed on the graves of women. This is done with the belief that the goddess, Iris will lead the departed souls of the women towards paradise.
On the other hand, history also reveals that Egyptians also used Iris flowers to
ornate their palaces. This was done to symbolise their connection to heaven.
If you take a close look into the culture of France, you might find that the Iris is still a part of the country’s ‘fleur-de-lis’, which means that it is a national symbol of the country. It is meant to symbolise power, wealth and royalty.

If you’re planning on getting iris flowers for an event, instead of the conventional
cakes and personalised gifts, we have compiled a list of different coloured Iris
flowers, and what they represent:

Purple Iris
Like most other purple flowers, the purple iris is a sign of royalty. However, this
colour of the iris is also known to represent gratitude, respect and wisdom.
This is why the flower is often presented as the perfect anniversary flower.

Blue Iris
A symbol of faith, hope and utmost devotion, blue irises are commonly found in
religious ceremonies.

White Iris
Like most flowers, the white iris is a sign of purity. In other cultures, it is a symbol of innocence as well as divinity.
This means that the white Iris is diverse in its symbolism and can be presented as a sign of innocent love, or divine religiousness.

Yellow Iris
While most yellow flowers represent goodwill and friendship, the yellow iris breaks this stereotype by being a symbol of passion.
It is often gifted on anniversaries and other significant dates in a relationship.

So, have you decided on which flower to get for the event that you are going to attend? Head over to our website to find the right Iris flower, ready to be delivered instantly through midnight or early morning delivery service.

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