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Marigold, one of the most humble and brightest flowers known to mankind. It comes in shades of orange and yellow. It is one of the most used flowers in festivals and weddings in Asian countries especially India, Nepal, and Pakistan. It even holds spiritual significance in Sanskrit and Indian culture and marigold is preferred over many fragrant flowers like roses because it is associated with the sun’s hue.

Marigold is also considered to be a symbol of celebration and therefore used on many occasions in various forms. For instance, it is used as garlands to be hung around the festive venue. It is also used to make floral jewelry at weddings for brides and/or guests.  In Indian culture, a garland made from marigold is hung on the entrance door of a house and considered essential because of its odor which helps in keeping pests and insects away from the house and because of cultural importance. It is also used in pooja (worshiping in Hinduism) especially in Ganesh pooja because it is said to be the favorite flower of lord Ganesh in the Hindu religion and therefore considered sacred.

Marigold flowers are also considered beneficial to be planted in vegetable/kitchen gardens. It repels many pests and insects. Though it will add color and beauty to your garden but that’s not it. Marigolds protect vegetables like tomatoes and prove to be a good companion for many plants and herbs. And above all, it is a very low-maintenance plant to keep.

Though it is more than just a festive flower. It holds great medicinal properties as well. Many skin conditions like inflammation, bruises, sunburn, skin injuries, etc. can be successfully treated by using this flower. Because it is a natural healer for skin conditions it is also used in many creams and ointments as a necessary and beneficial ingredient to treat eczema and sunburn.  Other than that, this flower can also be used for the face (in the form of face packs, mists, creams, etc.) to treat wrinkles and pimples. It can also be a beneficial toner (if used daily) for your face which will help in brightening your skin and treating it against any inflammation.

Moreover, the marigold flower is very much essential for hair conditions too. It helps in fighting dandruff as well as soothes itchy scalps. It also promotes healthy hair growth. Many people use it by making oil for hair (mixed with other ingredients like neem, mustard, almond etc.).

Lastly, marigold is used as an edible flower, too. Yes, these have edible petals and can be used in salads, decorating/topping desserts, or even savory items. Marigold petals are also used in making herbal tea which makes it colorful as well as beneficial for anyone to consume.

That’s true. One plant that is common and easily grown in various parts of the world, has endless beneficial properties as well as so much cultural and religious value. So, if you can, do grow marigold at your place to enhance the beauty of your surrounding and you can always utilize it for any of the above-mentioned properties.


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