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Roses and Symbolism

Roses and Symbolism

Though, Roses mostly symbolize love or affection but there are also other meanings attached with the flower. Do you want to gift Rose bouquet to someone but are also in need of finding the meanings associated with this flower, right? Then, this article is definitely for you. Yes, you have got it right. This article will reflect on the meanings attached with the flower Rose depending upon its color and number. It is important to understand the flower meanings before gifting them to your loved ones. Doing so will enable you to pick out the right flowers as per the occasion which can definitely cheer up your loved ones. So, let’s understand these details.

The scientific name of the flower Rose is “Rosa”. It belongs to Rosaceae family and is still considered the masterpiece of all flowers. Rose flower holds special importance in events like anniversaries or wedding ceremonies as it portrays a symbol of love, affection and romance. It is widely used as an ornamental flower both in gardens and indoor areas. Moreover, it is also used for commercial perfumery and never gets outdated. Are you looking for several meanings attached with Rose, right? Then, the following information will be of significant use to you. So, let’s check it out.

Meanings of Roses as per their color:

Roses convey different meanings especially when their color is kept into consideration. The following guide will reflect on the meanings of Roses as per their color. So, whether you want to gift White Roses, Red Roses, Mixed Colored Roses, Ivory Roses, Yellow Roses, or any other; it is important to consider their meanings first so that you can convey the appropriate message accordingly.

  • Yellow Roses: The Yellow Roses signify long-term friendship, good luck or affection.
  • White Roses: White Roses symbolize purity or innocence.
  • Black Roses: Black Roses symbolize the end of a relationship or death.
  • Mixed Colored Roses: Gifting ivory and red roses mean that your love is tasteful and intense.
  • Pink Roses: Pink Roses represent joy and admiration.

Roses and symbolism as per their number:

As Roses mostly represent love or affection, therefore, the number of Roses is also important to consider so that you can know what it basically means. Explore out the following detail to get an understanding:

  • One Rose usually symbolizes the love at first sight. So, if you get one Rose; you shouldn’t ignore other person’s feeling towards you.
  • Two Roses signify deep affection and love.
  • If you get Three Roses it means the other person loves you from the core of his/her heart.
  • Six Roses mean that the other person trusts you and wants to be with you.
  • Nine Roses signify that the other person is in deep love with you which is also known as “eternal love”.
  • Ten Roses are used to compliment others. For example, if someone wants to convey that you are perfect; he/she will gift you a bunch of ten roses.

So, the number and color of Roses must be given due importance before you gift them to others.

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