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We regard flowers as a symbol of faithfulness, purity, and affection. As this Christmas holidays are upon us, don’t forget to send your loved ones who have their birthdays in December customized gifts with their birth flowers. Holly and the narcissist are considered as flowers of December. Although narcissists are spring flowers, paperwhite or several other species do grow in winters. These two together represent hope and are perfect to be weaved into flower bouquets or gifts.

Ahead, we have explained everything you want to know about Holly and Narcissus.

Holly the flower of December:

Holly’s Latin name is Ilex, meaning evergreen oak, possibly because some people thought the leaves matched those of an oak.

Holly expresses fertility, a hope for domestic happiness, optimism, and eternal life. In fact, Christians have adopted today the holly tree as a symbol of Christmas. The spiky leaves of holy are a representation of the crown of the throne while the berries were believed to be white, stained red by Christ’s blood. The holly has inconspicuous flowers so it may be described as a December birth berry.

These delicately scented flowers bloom in spring and attract bees and butterflies due to their baffling beauty. Just so you know holly berries are actually drapes liked by some animals and birds but are thought to be semi-toxic to humans. An extremely adaptable plant which you will see in the United Kingdom being utilized for Christmas decorations. December’s colours of red, white and gold are generally used for decoration during this month to represent virtue and new beginnings. The perfect ones for decorations are Ilex aquifolium, the common, English, or European holly.


Narcissus Flowers have six petal-like tepals encircled by a cup- or trumpet-shaped aureole. They hold a rich history and are popular around the horizon. Narcissus originated in the Mediterranean and was brought to Asia, where it spread widely in China.

Moving further, narcissism symbolizes modesty, admiration, and loyalty. We looked around the globe and found how it’s symbolism evolved. Britishers consider it to be flowers that represented egoistic personalities. Whereas Chinese, this flower expresses wealth and prosperity. Moreover, you can easily find Narcissus growing near the banks of rivers and lakes.

Let’s take a dig into how different colors of Narcissus carry unique meanings.


It symbolizes positivity and companionship.


It symbolizes innocence and righteousness.


It symbolizes some positive enthusiasm and happiness.

Now that we have explained the meaning of holly and Narcissus and what they represent. Use this to prepare gifts for your dearest people. However, you can get customized gifts or cakes made from our website. We offer flower bouquets, cakes, and personalized things for our customers. Our top-notch professionals always strive to bring in the ideas which our customers want them to incorporate. Besides, our timely delivery at midnight or early morning wouldn’t wreck your events.

We work hard to put a smile on your customer’s faces. Please check out our website for more information regarding what we offer.

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